Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Actually Happy

Hello friends!

So I've started a new blog. Something about my last one was lacking focus and I wasn't really sure what the purpose was anymore. So, I decided to start over! This blog is called Actually Happy for 5 reasons. (Actually, it's more like 2, but I figure that by the time I start the list I'll have come up with some more ideas.)
  1. The Internet is a maze of extremes. When you pull up Facebook you may see a heartwarming video about a homeless guy that ends up becoming a millionaire and opening up soup kitchens all over New York, but scrolling further down your timeline you find out that the Westboro Baptist Church is protesting the funerals of murdered children. Like, whatever. The Internet is a place of extremes, and you either become disillusioned or numb. I wanted a place that was primarily happy. This blog is about me, which means it won't always be happy, because I'm a person, not a fucking Labrador puppy. But I will wrap up each post with a positive statement. That statement may be a picture that makes me smile, a quote, or what the fuck ever else I want. Always. Therefore: Actually happy. Like, I intend to make this a positive little corner of the internet, void of cynical sarcasm--hence actually.
  2. The movie Love Actually. I love that movie. It's full of happy, some sad, but there's a shit ton of happy. And my dear friend Lindsay came up with the name. *Sorority Snaps*
  3. So... I never came up with more than two reasons for the name of this blog, so I'm just going to add more numbers with the names of my cats.
  4. Maybeline
  5. Mango
  6. Lady Marmalade
  7. White Kitty
  8. Baby Kitty
So welcome!

Positive Statement: 

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